The General William J. Hardee Camp #1397 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Welcomes You!

We meet at 7:30 PM on the fourth Monday of each month at the former Historic Second Baptist Church of New Hope, Paulding County, Georgia.  This Historic Church is the beautiful White Frame Building at the intersection of the Dallas-Acworth Highway (Highway 381) and Bobo Road in New Hope, Paulding County, Georgia.  This is the same intersection where New Hope Cemetery is.

Our next meeting is Monday, February 26, 2018.  After a short discussion of Camp business, we will be honored to have Phillip Whiteman speak on Your Excellency, We Need Your Help! - Confederate Governors under fire from their citizens,  the Confederate Government, and the Enemy.  This presentation will look at how Confederate governors handled the numerous and complex problems of running a state government during war time while fighting not only the enemy forces but also their state legislatures, the national Confederate government and their own divided citizenry.  Twenty-eight men served as governors of the thirteen states represented in the Confederate Congress in Richmond. These leaders had the difficult task to provide for the welfare of their citizens while supporting armed forces within and outside their state’s boundaries. Their own states had to be defended from the advancing Union forces while the Confederate government required the full cooperation of each of the states in order to wage a successful war and win independence. The governors found themselves with unprecedented dilemmas and duties to preform while serving their state.  The governors’ attitudes and actions as they tried to balance the needs of the state and its citizenry over the demands of the national Confederate government will be examined.