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Site: Colley House-Hood's H'dq'rs

This Marker was run over by a car in 2011.  The text that was on the Marker is below:

Oct. 3-6, 1864. Lt. Gen. John B. Hood [CSA] had h´dq´rs at the Colley house which stood 500 ft. N. of this marker.

Hood, enroute with his army to Tennessee, after the fall of Atlanta, marked time in this vicinity while Stewart´s A. C. wrecked the State R. R. between Marietta & the Etowah River- a noted episode being French´s [CSA] attempt to capture the Federal garrison at Allatoona-Oct. 5.

Oct. 6, Hood´s forces resumed march to Dallas, Van Wert, Cedartown, Cave Spring, ~ to battle and defeat at Nashville.


Site: Colley House-Hood's H'dq'rs