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Historic Town Square, The City of Dallas, Georgia

The City of Dallas, Georgia was founded May 14, 1852 as the new county seat of the recently re-drawn Paulding County. The City was chartered by the Georgia General Assembly on February 8. 1854, and named in honor of George Mifflin Dallas, Vice-President of the United States under President James Knox Polk. 

The first Commissioners of the Town of Dallas were: James H. Ballinger, James S. Hackett, Hezekiah Harrison, John S. Pool, and Garrett Spinks. 

Prior to its founding, Dallas was a crossroads of Cherokee Indian paths, and the abundance of natural springs brought settlers into the area. In May, 1864, Dallas was the site of intensive fighting during the Atlanta Campaign of the War Between the States. The Confederate forces held the line at Dallas, New Hope Church and Pickett´s Mill, forcing the Union Army east towards Kennesaw. 

Historic Town Square
City of Dallas, Georgia
Rebuilt 2005
Boyd L. Austin, Jr. Mayor

City Council
Nancy Rakestraw Arnold  Kelly D. Carter  Michael G. Cason
L. James Kelly, Jr.  Frank L. "Bingo" McTyre  R. Griffin White
Ken Elsberry, City Manager

Former Council Members
John Henry Cochran  Henry W. Dodd  F. Andrew Lane, Jr.  Joe S. Watson, Jr.

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The City of Dallas, Georgia