Assembling the Statue and Monument

The Paulding County Confederate Monument and Statue were assembled on May 22, 2012 at the Gazebo at Dallas Park.

Here is what the site looked like before the Monument was assembled. You can see the concrete base in the middle.

Baston Monuments of Elberton, Georgia carved the stone portion of the Monument from Georgia Granite. They used two trucks to bring the pieces of the Monument to Dallas. The Monument has five separate pieces of stone. The largest piece, seen here nearest the cab of the truck, weighs over five tons. Here is one truck.

Here is the second truck. At the left you can see the Statue. The Statue was crafted by Don Haugen.

Here is a closer view of the Statue on the truck

The Statue was crafted with fine details

Here you can see the details on the left side of the Statue

The shoes were made as realistically as possible

Crane Service was provided by Lighting of Georgia, based in Hiram

Here is the first piece of the Monument being lifted from the truck

Here is the first piece of the Monument being put into place. A great deal of time was spent making sure that this first piece was absolutely level

The second piece is put into place

The third and fourth pieces are in place

The final piece of the stone Monument is put into place

The Statue is lifted from the truck

For a few moments while the top of the Monument was prepared the Statue hung from the crane just above the ground

The face of the Statue

Boyd Austin, Mayor of Dallas and Member of the General William J. Hardee Camp #1397, poses with the Statue

Stevan Crew (at right) and Wayne Willingham, Camp Commander of the General William J. Hardee Camp #1397, pose with the Statue

The Statue is carefully put into place

The joints of the Statue and Monument are caulked

The Statue and Monument are now in place and ready to stand guard over Paulding County