Battle of New Hope Church

Lt. Gen. J. B. Hood`s A.C. [Confed.], having marched from the Etowah River, reached New Hope Ch., May 25, 1864, in time to halt Gen. J. W. Geary`s (2d) div., 20th A.C. [Union], which had detoured near Owens` Mill enroute to Dallas by New Hope.

Checked by Hood`s outposts near the mill, the Federals advanced & struck Stewart`s div. [Confed.] astride the road at this point -- the left brigade (Stovall`s) in the cemetery, with no intrenchments.

Followed then several hours of bitter conflict -- late afternoon & night -- in rain & thunderstorm. Battle renewed next day.

GHM 110-28 Georgia Historical Commission 1953